What is the problem with existing yield farms?

The current farming pools are distributing generous rewards to liquidity providers that stake their LP token.
However, as soon as the rewards are exhausted, the LP’s remove their capital and move on to the next opportunity.

So, you have spent a fortune on marketing, Distributed massive inflationary rewards and eventually been left with nothing in your hands.

With Township Liquidity comes in and stays in!

The main Benefits for Defi protocols

Acquire Your Own Liquidity

Protocols now own their liquidity, rather than relying on mercenary LPs. This stabilizes the liquidity and provides confidence for the protocol and its users.

Ensure Price Stability

As more liquidity is established, the pool can handle bigger trades and ensure price stability. This in turn creates a healthy price action, attracting long-term holders.

Avoid Liquidity Leak

Protocols can generate new revenue sources by earning liquidity fees as they also become the liquidity providers themselves.

Earning The LP’s Fees

By partnering with Township, protocols gain extra exposure as their bonds will be featured on Township marketplace.

Frequently asked questions

We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions based on our AMA's and social media channels.

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